Land and Sea Cruise “à la carte diving”

Tour information

  • Flores / Komodo
  • 5 Days / 4 Nights
  • 7
  • 5
  • Airport or hotel transfer
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Bed sheets and bath towel
  • Drinking water coffee tea syrups and snacks
  • English and French speaking guide
  • Flights
  • Giant bats sunset watching
  • Meals
  • Park fee
  • Snorkeling and swim
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Swim with Mantas rays
  • Tips
  • Trekking "Komodo dragons"
  • Visas and insurance
  • Visit to a traditional village

Land and Sea Cruise “à la carte diving”

NB: Our itineraries are given for information only and can be modified by our team according to currents, tides, weather conditions, and, if possible, according to the preferences of our passengers.

The schedules of return flights will be taken into account.


Day 1 : Labuan Bajo – Rinca village - Pulau Kalong

In the morning our French/English speaking guide welcomes you at Labuan Bajo airport or in front of your hotel, and after a short drive you join the boat together.

Presentation of the crew and the boat during a short briefing on safety and life on board and we raise the anchor towards the island of Rinca about 1h30 of navigation, along the beautiful coast of Flores.

After lunch we continue to visit the traditional village of Rinca where live the Bajo people, ancient people of nomads of the seas, now settled, their colorful houses are built on stilts and they live exclusively of products from the sea, which they sell partly to buy rice, meat, fruits and vegetables.

This haven of peace with a thousand smiles will already give you the tone of the cruise.

The afternoon will then be dedicated to swimming and relaxing on a beautiful beach located not far from the village, on the island of Kaba, we sometimes see some wild goats …
Back to the boat to take a good shower, waiting for the incredible spectacle of the sunset, the flight of thousands of fruit bats, we do not tell you more …

Meals and overnight on board


Day 2 : Komodo Dragons, Manta Point, Batu Bolong

We get up early this morning, and while having breakfast, sail quietly towards the bay of Loh Buaya (about 1h30 of navigation) where our naturalist guide waits for us to go to meet the famous Dragons of Komodo that can measure up to 3,50m tail included!
It is not uncommon, during this walk, to cross deer, pigs, monkeys and wild buffaloes …

Around 10am we find the boat and heading north, along the coast of Komodo towards a dive site ranked in the top 5 of the park, Batu Bolong, pierced rock, get ready to take full of eyes!

After this superb dive we sit down to eat, and while waiting for the right niche to dive with the Mantas rays, it is time to read a book or take a nap.

The Mantas rays often gather here, on this shallow bottom scattered with shallow coral gardens and about 1 kilometer long.

The current is not too strong, they come to eat the drifting plankton but also enjoy the presence of thousands of tropical fish to be cleaned of their parasites.

It is a great moment to swim with these fishes with the silhouette of supersonic planes, a beauty and a calm to give you goosebumps.

We will sleep tonight in a beautiful lagoon, which is actually an old volcano caldera, today immersed, you will be surprised by the gradations of colors.

Back to the boat, meal and night on board, think about looking at the sky …


Day 3 : Gili Lawa Darat, Golden Passage and Chauldron

In the early morning, after a good breakfast, we head north for about 1 hour of navigation before reaching the bay of Gili Lawa Darat, separated from the northern tip of Komodo by a beautiful channel, the Golden Pass.
We observe deers on the beach …

Two very beautiful dives are planned today, The Golden Passage and The Cauldron, the order and the diving times are determined by the tides and the force of the currents.

Both are drifting, variable topography, often provided with fish, we never tire of it, they are still two references of Komodo Park.

At the end of the day, another superb stroll is proposed here for the sunset, count between 20 and 30 minutes to go to the summit, the sight is once again spectacular on this high point, one observes in the distance the majestic volcano of Sangean, the big island of Komodo, Rinca, and most of the small islands of the park while the sky takes on unreal colors!

Return to the boat, meals and overnight on board.


Day 4 : Crystal Bay and Crystal Rock

The days pass quickly in paradise, this morning we reserve you a beautiful beach session, swimming and snorkeling along a very preserved reef, rich in fish, turtles and sometimes Mantas rays come to stroll here …

In the middle of the morning, we embark for an hour of navigation towards the northernmost bay of Komodo Park, Crystal Bay.

Its name already gives some indication of what awaits us, a beautiful bay lined with a long beach of white sand, and two magnificent coral reefs to fill the fans of the mask and snorkels as well as the divers.

Two beautiful dives are planned on Crystal Rock and in Crystal Bay, open your eyes to the show (re) begins!

It is also the time and the ideal place for those who would be tempted by an introduction to scuba diving.

A life-size aquarium, without power, in clear waters, let yourself be tempted!

Around 3pm we head east, about 2:30 of navigation and spend the night on board in front of Kanawa Island.


Day 5 : Kanawa Island and back to Labuan Bajo

After a good night of sleep, you wake up in front of a beautiful island bordered by two beautiful white sand beaches, Kanawa Island.

Here the snorkeling is beautiful, it is an opportunity to enjoy one last time the magic of the seabed or to land on the island relax on the beach.

In the late morning and after a good shower we take together our last meal, it is time to pack the bags by slowly returning to the port of Labuan Bajo which is now 1 hour of navigation.

It is time for goodbye, all the good things come to an end, the Bali Shanti Cruises team hopes to have you have a dream come true throughout this cruise.

We thank you and your adventure continues!