The team

5 smiles to serve you

Bali Shanti Cruises is a small Euro-Indonesian company with offices located in Bali.

His boat operates mainly in the region of the small Sunda Islands, in the heart of the Komodo, Rinca, Padar national park and along the coasts of Florès.

At the origin of the project, Ludo, passionate about the marine environment, mountain sports and air sports, he is a professional scuba diver, scuba diving instructor and mountain ski rescue patroller.

Our crew is French and Indonesian, it is made up of a French guide, a captain, a mechanic, a cook and a tender operator ( for our tender boat).

Professional and friendly, you will spend wonderful moments with them in the water and, on the deck in the shade, you can relax while discussing your best dives and travel adventures!


French/English speaking guide

Our guide welcomes you at the airport/in front of your hotel, accompanies you to the boat and the adventure begins.
Diving instructor, he is there to make you live exceptional dives in complete safety, but also to accompany you during swimming, shore excursions and make your life on board easier from morning to evening.


The Mousaillon

Tender boat is actually the person who takes care of driving and maintaining the tender, our little boat which links the big boat to the beaches, docks, pontoons and dive sites.
He is a bit of your daily driver, he also helps others a lot during daily cleaning operations and tasks.


The Captain

He is the chef on board with his 3 crew members under his orders, he will drive you from island to island, from beach to beach day and night, always with a smile!
In direct collaboration with the guide, he ensures passengers safety and thanks to his great experience of currents, winds, shoals and weather, he supervises and manages the smooth running of your cruise.


The Mechanic

Of a very discreet nature and responsible for the proper functioning of machinery, generators, pumps and others, you rarely see him during the day. In direct contact with the captain, he is also the oldest member of the crew.


The Cooker

One of the keys to a successful cruise is of course to eat well!
Our cook is busy preparing food for customers and also for crew members, 3 times a day.
His menu is as well based on Indonesian as in Western cuisine, according to his inspirations he will make you discover his delicious dishes.