Terms of Sales

1. Payment:

A deposit of 30% of the amount of the cruise must be paid in order to confirm your reservation.
Payment of the balance must be made at least 30 days before the cruise start date.
Last minute bookings within 30 days must be paid in full in one go.

Payments must be made by bank transfer to our account in Indonesia, bank details will be provided during invoicing.
The names, first names and the reference of the cruise must appear on the transfer slip.
Please note that the transfer costs are the exclusive responsibility of the buyer.

2. Change fees:

Changing a cruise date will be considered as a cancellation and a new reservation.
Any costs will apply on the date of receipt of the change request email.

3. Cancellation fees:

More than 60 days, 20% of the total amount non-refundable.
From 59 to 30 days, 30% of the total amount non-refundable.
Less than 30 days, 50% of the total amount non-refundable.

Air tickets for domestic flights purchased by Bali Shanti Cruises are not refundable in the event of cancellation of the cruise.
All cancellations must be made by email to info@balishanticruises.com or shantiscuba@gmail.com

4. Non-presentation or delay of a client on the cruise date:

Bali Shanti Cruises can in no way be held responsible for delays in air, sea and land transport leading to the meeting point where our team must meet you.
However, if we are warned, the boat can wait a maximum of 2 hours after the departure time initially planned, or if we are not warned, within a time limit fixed by the captain of the boat according to the itinerary planned on the first day of the cruise.

5. Medical insurance, evacuation, repatriation:

We strongly advise all travelers to take out insurance covering medical evacuation, repatriation and diving accident costs.

6. Modification of the itinerary, program and prices:

Bali Shanti Cruises reserves the right to modify its website, brochures, programs, routes and prices at any time, depending on weather conditions, exchange rate fluctuations, local taxes.
No change in rates will take place less than 60 days before the departure of the cruise. An email will be sent to the customer if a change more than 60 days should take place.

7. Cancellation of a cruise by Bali Shanti Cruises:

Bali Shanti Cruises reserves the right to cancel a cruise in the event of force majeure of the natural disaster type (earthquake, volcanic eruption, war, tsunami, virus, pandemic etc.). We will inform our customers as soon as possible, no refund will be made.
In the event of serious technical problems which do not allow us to ensure the cruise, either we will offer, depending on availability, to cruise on a boat of the same category, or we will refund the price of the cruise to the exclusion of all others costs.
Bali Shanti Cruises reserves the right to cancel the cruise of one or more clients if the crew and / or the cruise director considers that the behavior or state of health of the client (s) may prejudice the smooth running of the cruise.

8. Injuries, accidents or death during the cruise:

Bali Shanti Cruises assumes no responsibility for damage resulting from illness, injury or death that may occur during, before or after the cruise.
Bali Shanti Cruises assumes no responsibility for breakage, deterioration, loss or theft of equipment, nor for any omissions or negligence of the client during the cruise, or transportation provided by Bali Shanti Cruises to the client.
Bali Shanti Cruises assumes no responsibility for personal injury, death or destruction of personal property due to acts of war, insurgency, or other human or military action.
In the event of an injury or medical problem occurring before, during or after the cruise, on board or ashore, and necessitating the medical evacuation of the client, the passenger is responsible for paying the resulting costs.

9. Medical certificate, insurance, physical and mental conditions:

A medical certificate of no contraindication to scuba diving less than 6 months must be presented on arrival on board.
Diving insurance is compulsory for all divers, we accept all diving federations.
Individual insurance is advised in the event of delay or cancellation of flights, cancellation of the cruise, illness, accident, repatriation, etc.
By confirming his reservation, the customer certifies that he does not suffer from any physical, mental or other problem which could constitute a danger for himself / herself or for other passengers.
A waiver of responsibility for the risks associated with the practice of scuba diving must be signed by each diver upon arrival on the boat.