Flores, the ideal combination with a Komodo cruise.

The island of Flores (Flowers), considered one of the most beautiful Indonesian islands, is one of the small Sunda Islands (from Bali to Timor) in the eastern region of Indonesia.

Combined with our cruises, with the boarding point on the boat Riung or Labuan Bajo, we offer 2 land tours on Flores to our customers, with English-speaking driver / guide, hotels, meals and activities.

About Flores

The Portuguese, who arrived from Timor in the early 16th century, named it because of the abundance of flowers on the island.

It is approximately 350 km long from West to East and 15 to 60 km wide, it offers many possibilities for excursions, breathtaking landscapes, traditions and a rich culture perpetuated by a people with a thousand smiles .

Many travelers know only its western port “Labuan Bajo” because it serves as a gateway to cruises in the Komodo National Park (see our Komodo page), sanctuary of the famous “Komodo Dragon” and a large choice superb diving / snorkeling sites, heavenly beaches with turquoise waters.

Yet Flores is not without interest, quite the contrary, since it is full of treasures, from arid plains to lush tropical forests, passing through mountain plateaus where nest villages with ancestral traditions by terraced rice fields, waterfalls and hot springs…

There are a dozen volcanoes including the famous “Kelimutu” near the village of Moni, which contains in its bowels 3 acid lakes with colors varying from emerald green to dark red, depending on the time of year and the emissions of gas.

In 2003, a team of paleontologists discovered a still unknown hominid fossil which they named “Man of Flores” (Homo Floresiensis), and which is in fact a dwarf version of Homo Erectus disappeared there about 400,000 years ago.

Today different peoples follow one another from West to East:

The Manggarai people, from Labuan Bajo to Ruteng
Ngada country and its traditional villages in the Bajawa region
The land of Lio in the region of Moni and the Kelimutu volcano
Sikka in the Maumere region
Lamaholot in Larantuka.

Some of the sites to see and visit on Flores:

The charming village of Moni
Kelimutu volcano hike
The village of Aegela
The village of Riung
The archipelago of 17 islands opposite Riung
Mangureda hot springs
Bajawa and its local market
Ngada de Bena village
Mount Inerie
Lake Ranamese
The limestone caves of Liang Bua
The monastery of Santa Maria in Ruteng
The village of Ruteng Pu’u
Cara village and its spider webs
Batu Cermin caves
The caves of Goa Rangko

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